Black holes and white holes

I read that black holes not only suck in everything that comes within its gravitational field but also radiate tremendous amounts of energy.I also heard that a worm hole is a bend in the space-time joining two parts on the plane such that you can travel through space time at an average velocity more than that of light.Like a short cut through two places in space time.Then can it be so that a black is actually a worm hole?It sucks in matter only to be radiated out from another black hole? Basically I am confused with I something that is too difficult for me to understand. Yet can any one make the idea clear in simplest words?

Note by Biswaroop Roy
4 years, 7 months ago

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According to modern theories, this isn't exactly right but it is a great idea. A black hole is formed when a huge star collapses in on itself to such a size that it is smaller than its Schwarzschild radius (the Earth's is 9 mm). This results in a singularity that sucks anything (including light) within it's Schwarzschild radius(now it's a event horizon). A wormhole, on the other hand, like you said, is a bend in space and time that connects two points together but this very hard to actually make. The radiated energy is indeed very tremendous (1 millisecond of it being harnessed for us would last 20 trillion years) but isn't even close enough to power a wormhole, if they exist. So, basically, a wormhole might be a line that can connect 2 points but a black hole is an inescapable vortex (anything that gets sucked in turns into sub-atomic particles to be part of the singularity).

Sharky Kesa - 4 years, 6 months ago

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