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Boiler thermodynamics

A boiler contains \(1.00\text{ kg}\) of liquid water at \(100^\circ C\) which needs to be converted to steam at \(100^\circ C\) by boiling at standard atmospheric pressure (1.00 atm or \(1.01 \times 10^5\) Pa). The volume of the water changes from an initial value of \(1.00\times 10^{-3}m^3\) as a liquid to a volume of \(1.671\text{ m}^3\) as steam. Taking the latent heat of vaporization of water is \(2260 \text{ kJ kg}^{-1}\).

(a) How much work is done by the system during this process?

(b) How much heat must be added to the system during the process?

(c) Determine the change in the internal energy of the system during the boiling process.

Note by Jerry Han Jia Tao
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