Brilliant for people who cannot access it regularly

Since in India, we do not have proper internet access, can you make a portion of the questions given every week as "Level-up" questions, i.e if those problems are solved, a person can level up?? Without a steady connection, it is very tough for guys like me in India to maintain their levels

Note by Kashyap Mahler
5 years ago

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Hi Kashyap,

I don't think we could implement a system of problems that guarantee you a level up, because part of the point of leveling up is demonstrating that you can do all or most of the problems in a set consistently. We probably could make the system more friendly for people whose internet access is irregular. Note that you are only leveled down, if you answer questions wrong. A common way people inertially level down is that they start working on a problem, get their first try wrong and then neglect to/can't come back later in the week and finish solving it. If you do not work on any problems in a given week (for example, if you are on vacation), then your level is not affected.

Would the ability to print out all the problems help you? So that you could work on them offline and then enter answers on the episodic times when you have good enough internet?

Peter Taylor Staff - 5 years ago

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