Brilliant T-shirt

This is for those who have already claimed & received their Brilliant T-shirt. Here are my queries:

  1. What if my size doesn't come under those listed in the chart given by Bradan ? (I'm asking this because the chart shows waist and chest sizes as opposed to a single number which is common in what we get in India and maybe in South-east Asia)

  2. How do I know whether Bradan has accepted my choice ? (It seems that I am always on the losing side of such conversations. Bradan didn't reply to my query through e-mail !!!)

  3. For those who are in India, how long does it take for the delivery to reach your home ?( Taking into account possible delays in shipping and transportation )

Note by Nishant Sharma
5 years, 1 month ago

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Someone please reply.........It is a request.

Nishant Sharma - 5 years ago

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1.You have to(can)order only from the list of sizes given.Simply measure your waist size and chest size using a tape.2. Even if they don't reply,it doesn't mean they haven't processed your claim/order. 3.I got it within two weeks' time or so since I claimed it and yes, Bradan did reply me to my queries.

Bhargav Das - 5 years ago

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Comment deleted Oct 31, 2013

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How is this site a "scam"? Remember, is FREE.

And they do actually send it (I got mine), it just takes a while.

EDIT: LOL the post got deleted.

Ryan Soedjak - 5 years ago

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So how much time did your's take to arrive ?

Nishant Sharma - 4 years, 4 months ago

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