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Calculus Level 5 Assessment

Ah, I'm pretty sure the answer was right... However, it said that was wrong. Was the question expecting the answer in degrees or... I'm not sure. I'm quite confident about the answer being right... Am I wrong? If so, any help in locating my mistake. Thanks in advance. I'd appreciate it.

Note by Vishnuram Leonardodavinci
3 years ago

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Since the value of \( \cos 1 \) is approximately 0.54, and all the other terms are less than 1, the product cannot be greater than 0.54, and thus neither can the limit. Hence \( \sin 1 \approx 0.84 \) is not correct. Check your reasoning again.

If you want help locating your mistake, you should be explaining the series of steps that you took. Right now, all that can be said is, "The product is not \( \sin 1 \)."

If angles are given in degrees, then they will be stated as \( 1 ^ \circ \). Generally, calculus tries to avoid degrees where possible. Calvin Lin Staff · 3 years ago

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@Calvin Lin Thanks! ~_~ I got it on the last try... Wew. Vishnuram Leonardodavinci · 3 years ago

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The answer is not \(\sin 1\). You are probably getting the product to telescope; if so, be careful, and check your calculations again. You should be close to the actual answer. Jon Haussmann · 3 years ago

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@Jon Haussmann Thank you! I got it. :-0 Vishnuram Leonardodavinci · 3 years ago

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Yes the ans is sin2. U probably have calculation mistake Ankur Singh · 2 years, 11 months ago

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