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Can someone answer this question?

A right cone and a hemisphere lie in opposite sides of a common base of 2.5m diameter and the cone is right angled at the vertex. If a cylinder circumscribes them in this position, what additional space will be enclosed?

A)3.096pi cubic meters

B)1.3pi cubic meters

C)0.651pi cubic meters

D)6.14 cubic meters

Note by Rohit Nair
3 years ago

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B is the answer Joseph Shajan · 3 years ago

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Is the height of the cone not given? Soham Dibyachintan · 3 years ago

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@Soham Dibyachintan no Rohit Nair · 3 years ago

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@Rohit Nair Since the cone is right-angled at the vertex, its height is equal to the radius of the base. Jon Haussmann · 3 years ago

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