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Can someone help me with this problem?

The driver of a train moving at a speed \(v_1\) sights a goods train at a distance d ahead of him on the same track moving in the same direction with a slower speed \(v_2\). He puts on brakes and gives his train a constant retardation \(a\). Which of the following option is correct :

(A) \(d\geq\frac{2(v_1 - v_2)^2}{2a}\)

(B) \(d >\frac{(v_1 - v_2)^2}{2a}\)

(C) \(d >\frac{2(v_1 - v_2)^2}{a}\)

(D) \(d \geq\frac{(v_1 - v_2)}{2a}\)

Note by Kshitij Johary
4 years ago

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actually you did not complete the question. i suppose the original question was about avoiding the accident between the two trains , and in that case i find option (B) to be correct.

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