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challenge in mechanics again!!!

A flat board of length l and mass mo is moving with a velocity vo from left to right on a smooth horizontal surface. The right edge of the board now comes under a stationary sand-dropper which drops sand on the board at a mass rate (dm/dt) of μ. What is the velocity of the board when the left edge clears off from below the sand-dropper? Assume that there is enough friction between the sand particles & the flat board.

I would to have as many solutions to this problem as there are infinitely many solutions to a problem.All the best for this problem and to achieve infinitely many solutions for this problem as well as other please reshare it.

Note by Ronak Pawar
3 years ago

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(vo)e^(-(Lu)/(movo)) Ramlakhan Choudhary · 2 years, 7 months ago

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