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Changing name of school

I have already read the discussion related to this issue, and was unable to rectify it. Can anyone tell me the appropriate person or staff to be approached regarding this thing ? It really is getting troublesome for me to do so.

Note by Nishant Sharma
4 years ago

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I don't really know how this works. I always log in using my Facebook account. Recently I changed my school (rather changed the school to college) on Facebook and it was automatically updated in my Brilliant account too. So if you use your Facebook account to log in here, try changing the school on Facebook.

Hope that helped! Pranav Arora · 4 years ago

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Send a mail to bradan@brilliant.org, and they'll update your school. :) Akshat Jain · 4 years ago

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Is any staff of Brilliant willing to help me out ? Nishant Sharma · 4 years ago

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