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Clarification in JOMO 7

Hello all the people willing to participate in JOMO !

As you all know (or maybe not know), JOMO 7 has started since 28th of July.

In the question paper , we had some disputes and they have been entertained as follows.

\(\color{Red}{\textbf{Question Short 8}}\) - Sequences are of Integers.

\(\color{Red}{\textbf{Question Short 9}}\) - The value of \(AC\) is not given, we're making it \(AC=\dfrac{438}{53}\).

\(\color{Blue}{\textbf{Please reshare}}\) so that all the people who are going to participate get this news, the last date is 4th of August but due to these corrections ,

the contest will be made longer by 3 days, so deadline is now 7th of August.

May all participants get this news.

Note by Aditya Raut
2 years, 12 months ago

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