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Guys can someone please help me with this one.It is very hard. There are two players A and B and 3 boxes with coins.Each box has a,b and c coins where \(a>=b>=c>=0.\)In each move one can select two boxes and remove at least 1 coin from the box that has fewer coins and put them to the other.If they are equal then you may choose whatever box you want and do the same thing as above.A player wins if after his move there is only one box with coins.assuming they play perfectly which one wins depending on a,b and c?

Note by Lorenc Bushi
2 years ago

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I think i might have solved it today.I will write my solution a bit later for you to check.

Lorenc Bushi - 2 years ago

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What have you tried? Where are you stuck at?

Calvin Lin Staff - 2 years ago

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