Connected - (7.4)

And I unfolded the piece of paper, the map of the tropical rainforest fell out.

Actually, it only locates the signposts and the lake.

"Did they have to draw the abridged map on dark-coloured paper?"

"Not completely, it only looks better though."

There're the rules at the back side:

  • The water does not actually go through A yet.

  • The outer lines do not actually represent the boundary of the island.

  • When you draw the lines, the water is automatically drawn.

  • The objective is to draw the water from the lake to the signpost. Do not examine why.

  • All of the signposts need two lines drawn to them.

  • The orange and blue lines are two lines drawn to C and D. They only need one more line drawn to them.

  • The lines must not cross each other.

("Did they say anything about the cloverleaves of the water lines?"

"Spaghettification, that is the punishment."

"You made me want to have some pasta right now."

"Is pasta your favourite food?"

"Indeed, since childhood." - "My mother would make pasta for my family to have for days."

"That's approximately one-fortieth of a semi-boarding school for lunch."

"That is not that much for a semi-boarding school."

"Don't ask why." - "Why?"

"There was a war." - "And I'm done.")

  • You must not connect the lines to each other once the water has gone through them.

  • The green lines are the ones the lady sitting on a branch of the weeping willow has drawn. There is no water going through them. However, you must not draw lines past them.

  • You can erase the lines you have drawn once.

("That is a lot of rules."

"Well, humans are exceptionally great at reconstructing the environment around them to harmonise with their needs."

"But now, humans can not readjust themselves to harmonise with the environment around them."

"Because of that, we have to play with the rules now."

"Wait, there's more."

"Seriously?" - "Be patient.")

  • If the task is impossible to do, take the first piece of paper, which is a square and cut out a square such that the area of the square is equal to nine-seventeenth of the original square. And the centre of the original square is the centre of the cutout.

  • Take the scissors on the lady's left hand. Those are the only scissors that can work. Also, you must not use a ruler.

  • After you cut out the square, burn it under the sunlight and throw the ashes into the lake.

("That's all. Now we have this to do, it's going to take some time."

"Don't worry. I forgot to tell you one more thing. Once you enter this place, time slows down 1.2 times."

"That should help."

"Is that the pair of scissors that killed her?"

"I think so. But there isn't a trace of blood on the scissors or any part of her.")

To be continued. I know that posting literature on a website based around math and science is not worth it. But it is worth a try.

Note by Thành Đạt Lê
2 years, 7 months ago

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(Cough, cough): Henry U, you know what to do.

Thành Đạt Lê - 2 years, 7 months ago

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