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Couple of them


\[\large{\displaystyle \int_{C} \frac{z \sec z}{(1-z)^2} \, dz, C:|z|=3}\]

In this problem why is the residue taken for only point \(z=1\) and not \(z=(2n+1)\frac{\pi}{2}\) where \(n=-1,0\), my answer is not matching with the given perhaps i have two extra terms in my answer.

2) Is it possible to find the solution of this differential equation using Laplace transformation method?


Note by Tanishq Varshney
8 months ago

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I solved the second question but I need to know whether the initial conditions are given to find out the value of the variable constants or do we just need to give the general solution?

EDIT- the answer came out to be- Y= (B-A)e^(t) + (2A-B)e^(2t) Where A= Y(0) and B=Y'(0) Righved K · 8 months ago

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@Righved K Plz show ur method using Laplace transform method. I am stuck, what will be the Laplace transform of 0. Tanishq Varshney · 8 months ago

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