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Current and resistance

what do you think should be the minimum resistance in a circuit?? I am very curious to that please tell me!!!

Note by Neeraj Kadian
4 years ago

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If you have a really short wire, the resistance will be close to \(0 \ \Omega\).

Also, superconductors have zero DC resistance. Jimmy Kariznov · 4 years ago

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@Jimmy Kariznov this means that wire would then have infinite current, how is that possible.. Neeraj Kadian · 4 years ago

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@Neeraj Kadian So, let's say we take a battery and short it out with a wire. The resistance of the wire plus the internal resistance of the battery is very tiny (but still positive). So, the current is just really large (but still finite).

I don't know much about superconductors, but that Wikipedia article says that when running a current through it, the voltage is the same at both ends. Hence, the resistance is 0. Jimmy Kariznov · 4 years ago

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