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Data structure and stuff

I noticed that all of the data structures problem involved python. What if you are not familiar with it but another language like C++? Will there aver be questions in other programming languages?

Note by Daniel Wang
4 years ago

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Hi Daniel,

Remember that though many of our programming problems state ideas in Python, ultimately all we collect is an integer answer. In that sense we encouraged you to actually solve problems in whatever language is most natural to you.

Peter Taylor Staff - 4 years ago

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(There were no Data Structure problems since I joined, so you may ignore everything I say here, but) It is nearly impossible to design any programming-related problem that is language-independent. Or rather, it is nearly impossible to evaluate all answers for those problems. Imagine a problem that needs Java's concurrent linked maps to solve, and someone insists on submitting an Assembly solution...

Python is generally regarded as an easy-to-learn language, often recommended as the first for anyone interested in programming.

Remember that the language is just a tool - if you know one programming language, it shouldn't take that much to convert your solution to another one (or just learn another language :) at least at a basic level)

Fryderyk Wysocki - 4 years ago

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