Day 4 and 5 @ Vijyoshi Camp 2014 (Officially Day 2 and 3)

First of all sorry for late updates. Actually our accomodation venue was in outskirts of Kolkata and due to weak signals, I could neither add posts nor could continue my streak. Anyways, here comes following post...

The most boring day included 4 lectures of which 3 were based on biology and 4th one was on maths.

It started with Prof. Aseem Z. Ansari speaking on Interpreting and Redesigning Life: Guiding human stem cell fate choices by traversing many 'foreign' scientific fiefdoms/disciplines. Well, I was unable to even understand the topic. I still am unable to do so.

This was followed up by a lecture on "The uncertainty of survival" by Prof. Anuradha Lohia from Presidency University.

A Group Photo Session was organized. Lunch was the next to come up.

Afternoon session included lecture by Prof. Mahan Mj. on "What is hyperbolic geometry?". I was trying to listen to this one carefully but ended up sleeping. I dont even knew when I slept.

Next lecture was on "Science of Human Therapeutics" by Prof. Santanu Bhattacharya from IISc.

A mesmerizing cultural programme followed up to end a boring day.

On last day (Day 3), we started with a 2 hour trip to IISER, Kolkata where we observed some fantastic practicals which I will be sharing soon. After practicals, we headed up to Science City auditorium where our lectures and lunch were supposed to be arranged.

It started with Prof. Erik C. Boettger from University of Zürich to speak on "The world of Microbiology-two sides of a coin". This was really awesome lecture. Liked this one. Prof. Boettger started with a statement...

If you have an apple and you shared it with me, both of us will have half an apple but if you have an idea and you shared it with me, both of us will have that idea\text{If you have an apple and you shared it with me, both of us will have half an apple but if you have an idea and you shared it with me, both of us will have that idea}

This statement is quite motivating.

A dreading lecture on "The normal distribution from Gauss to Kalman" by Prof. Divakar Viswanath from University of Michigan was the next to come up.

Final lecture was quite interesting. It was on "Discovery of the Higgs Boson" by Prof. Sunanda Banerjee. The amount of data CERN used to store and amount of energy they used to dealt with was far more than something to amaze me.

Concluding ceremony marked the end of the camp.

Here is the last day of trip.

Note by Pranjal Jain
6 years, 7 months ago

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The main problem with understanding hyperbolic geometry was that we hadn't had an appriopate model for understanding or visualizing it. For example in spherical geometry we had a spherical surface on which we can visualise the concept of lines and points.

Also my favourite lecture of the day was that of Professor Aseem Z Ansari that really made me appriciate the power of science and how we can use it to manipulate things to our wish.

Most boring part of that day was cultural programme, theme of which I was totally unable to understand, so I just talked to my friends and cracked jokes at that time, my friends too were unable to understand the theme of the dance.

Ronak Agarwal - 6 years, 7 months ago

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Oh! You were also there!? Can you let me know what does that topic means? The theme of cultural programme was a bit complicated. I mean it was like because of human's bad deeds, a child died and so on. I couldn't understand the theme but it was enjoying.

Pranjal Jain - 6 years, 7 months ago

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I was there at Bangalore. We had really bad accommodation we had majority of the speakers in common with Kolkata. The microbiology one was great. Did you have the org chemistry lecture by Dan stack ? It was THE most amazing lecture. Any of you guys giving nsec nsep ?

Rohit Shah - 6 years, 7 months ago

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Yes, I will be giving NSEP and NSEC.

Ronak Agarwal - 6 years, 7 months ago

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Yes me too! I have posted a note regarding that!

Pranjal Jain - 6 years, 7 months ago

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Was at Kolkata Camp........ My fav was Hyperbolic Geom and superconductors...

Soumak Bhattacharjee - 6 years, 6 months ago

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Fractals and chaos, and microbiology were also nice!

Pranjal Jain - 6 years, 6 months ago

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