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iOS Mobile app Development in & Days or Less

"App to App Store in a Week" The starting point for any new app idea is identifying the design choices you need to make. Plus understanding how those choices map to implementation.

Every great iOS App has to start with a mobile app development company Offingapp. When translating that idea into an action it requires the correct planning and preparation.

It is a fact that iOS rely heavily upon their design pattern. These design patterns in turn influence the encoding that needs to be written so that the encoding can act upon the touch and voice commands issued and instigated by the user. So before you even think about writing any code or getting someone else to do it for you, learn and plan the steps that are required for modern iPhone app development.

Done properly it takes about a week to create and finish an iPhone app and to start earning money. Your first hurdle is getting it to pass Apples rigorous testing program FIRST TIME.

Your second hurdle is getting your finish app noticed as it is no longer enough just to have your app sitting in there waiting for someone to purchase and download it.

There are thousands of apps within the iPhone App store that are totally great but fail to sell. What is the point of making a cool App, getting it passed into the iPhone App store and then failing to make a sale?

Voice Command App - Siri In short Siri is a voice recognition and voice activation app pre installed within the iPhone 5 s and since Apple have gone back to the drawing board with its new built in features encoding as well as the whole development process is allot quicker and more user friendly than it used to be. Voice as well as touch commands are a must for everyday use and like it or not this is the future.

Should you progress with your iPhone app and not include this feature to interact with your app then you can bet someone else will. Probably the coolest feature with Siri is the fact that the Application actually talks back to you.

Apple have always included cool apps within there released devices so when you start learning how to create an iPhone app then try and ensure your new app concept interacts with at lease some of the built in features.

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print "hello world"
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