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Differential Geometry

Hello Guys, I'm interested in studying the theory of general relativity. One of the major prerequisite for that is - differential geometry. I'm quite good at Newtonian & Lagrangian Mechanics; Electrodynamics; Quantum Physics; Special Relativity and Calculus (up to multiple integrals, partial derivatives and series). Can i get some suggestions (books and lecture series will be helpful) for some introductory level course on the subject of differential geometry. As in my IIT curriculum (in 1st yr) we don't have an inch of that course.

Thanks and Regards, Chandramouli Chowdhury

Note by Chandramouli Chowdhury
2 years, 11 months ago

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I would study some analysis, from a book like Rudin, first. At my school, the undergraduate and graduate geometries are two totally different beasts, but both merit good viewpoints. After analysis, I would recommend "Elementary Differential Geometry" by Priestly which can be found online for free by the publisher. This the textbook for the undergraduate differential geometry class and gives a more concrete view on the subject and restricts itself to lower dimensions so that the objects have clear examples. After that, I would recommend learning about topology and working towards Lee's "Introduction to Smooth Manifolds". I would recommend reading Munkres' "Topology" as preparation. Ninad Munshi · 2 years, 3 months ago

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"Field theory" by Landau. Matteo De Zorzi · 2 years, 6 months ago

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