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"Discover how your math and physics skills rank on a global scale."

On the homepage of this website, it says "Discover how your math and physics skills rank on a global scale." I have now earned more than 10000 points on this website, but I have yet to discover how I rank on a global scale. Are leaderboards an idea? Most stars/points/solutions, per country/continent/worldwide? I would definitely love that. By doing that, users can also easily see how many Brilliant users their country has, without having to ask that in a separate discussion.

Note by Tim Vermeulen
4 years, 3 months ago

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Hi Tim,

Currently we are fudging a little on that homepage. Our levels and weekly leader boards only very coarsely tell you how you rank on a global scale. We do want to change our leaderboards and your personal problem solving metrics, to include information that better informs you how your skills rank on a global scale. However, we do not necessarily think that rank ordered lists are the best way to do that. See my comment in the top scorers

Changes to our leaderboards and how people can use them, are very high on the development team’s priority list. Additionally, what kind of data/progress you see about yourself privately might see a major rejuvenation. The end desire will be a way to create lists of weekly and long term performance that:

Are encouraging to everyone and not demoralizing to most people. Make Brilliant feel competitive in only the fun ways as opposed to being alienating to many. Are interesting and useful as opposed to a wall of info.

In any reinvention of our leaderboards scheme there will likely be the ability to browse and filter based on location and maybe even interest, etc…

And always note that any future changes you see will probably be incremental and non-permanent as Brilliant evolves to the system that works the best with the most people’s motivations. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years, 3 months ago

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