Discussion about Climate Change Wiki.

(Note: This is not a general discussion about the topic of global warming or climate change, this is a discussion regarding major edits to the currently existent wiki.)

When reading the climate change wiki (https://brilliant.org/wiki/climate-change/), I noticed that it failed to distinguish and explain natural Climate change from human caused global warming. Climate is an astronomically, biologically, and geologically driven phenomenon that is constantly dynamic. It is made up of millions if not billions of variables that cause increasingly complex processes. It was created and is partially driven by life on Earth, (see photosynthesis for reference https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Photosynthesis). However, this topic and the knowledge associated with it is not the same as human induced global warming and deserves an entirely different explanation.
It is a common and unscientific trend to call the warming of our planet and any drivers causing it climate change. It is like saying: "Weather" and then talking about volcanoes. The page should be either changed to accommodate its title, or the title should be changed along with some smaller edits. I am regarding the community before making any major changes as a means of respect and discussion.

Note that another much more popular wiki site: wikipedia, did NOT fail to distinguish the difference between climate changes and global warming. It has two separate pages on these topics and each is discussed in a very different manner.

Here are some quotes from the page that show it deserves the title of Global Warming or Human Induced Global warming and not the title of Climate Change: "There are many natural sources of carbon dioxide, including volcanoes, decomposition of dead organisms, and respiration of living organisms. The level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere has always been in flux. However, as the graph below illustrates, data from the last half century suggest a major deviation from the historic pattern."

"As humans add more and more carbon to the atmosphere, they are contributing to a rise in the Earth's average temperature. This global warming leads to climate change. While heating and cooling cycles are a natural phenomenon, the amount of carbon humans are adding to the atmosphere is speeding the process up considerably. Rate is important: ecosystems and individual species require time to adapt to change. Sudden change can leave a once-thriving community lifeless."

"Oil and coal are called fossil fuels because they are the remains of ancient life, mostly small sea animals. Dead animals would sink to the bottom of the ocean, and the increased pressure would eventually liquefy them. Carbon bonds held to in the new environment, creating oil or coal. These raw materials are mined and then burned as fuel."

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