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Do real life contradictions exist????

Is the world of physics consistent (in the traditional logical sense) or is it possible to find "real-life" contradictions?

When we think of a satellite surrounding earth - the satellite at the same time falls down to earth and flys off in the opposite direction. Gravitation and centrifugal force have an impact on the satellite at the same time. In fact, they work against each other, they fight each other, they pull the object in opposite directions. Only because of this contradiction the satellite is able to maintain its course around the earth, isn`t it?

So, is this a "real-life" contradiction?

Note by Samagra Sharma
4 years, 2 months ago

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There are a few problems with your statement. First, centrifugal force does NOT pull against gravity. In act, it works WITH gravity to pull the object to Earth. The thing is the object is orbiting so fast that when it falls to Earth, it had already traveled "past" the Earth. This cycles on forever. Also, it is not a contradiction. A contradiction is when two supposedly true statements end up saying opposite things. Your example is just an example of Physics, no contradiction there. And even if the forces cancelled each other out, it would only mean that there is no net force, no contradiction.

Daniel Liu - 4 years, 2 months ago

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daniel i am his brother

Vaibhav Sharma - 3 years ago

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