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Documentary on Ramanujan.

Hi Brills

So wanna know about "The Prince Of Intuition In Mathematics"?

Please watch this video:"Letters from an Indian Clerk"

Because any aspiring Mathematician not only must know enough Mathematics but also must know about life of other Great Mathematicians.

To Some People This Documentary May Probably Arouse More Interest in Mathematics.

Don't forget to Watch it.

To know about more such videos and movies see @Llewellyn Sterling 's Mathematical Movies

Note by Soumo Mukherjee
2 years ago

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Thanks dude! Ijeaku Adim · 2 years ago

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@Ijeaku Adim u r wlcm...

...for more go to 'mathematical movies' by Llewellyn Sterling. :) Soumo Mukherjee · 2 years ago

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