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This is not about any technique of problem solving but i found it too inspiring, even that gives a message about \(\color{Red}{\text{taking}}\) \(\color{Red}{\text{up}}\) \(\color{Red}{\text{challenges}}\) , including \(\color{Red}{\text{solving}}\) \(\color{Red}{\text{various}}\) \(\color{Red}{ \text{problems}}\)....

See ! The two numbers just differ by 0.086 and see what happened to the results ! You efforts are like this only , adding little more everyday could make you from a very beginner to an expert....

\(\color{Purple}{\text{Keep}}\) \(\color{Purple}{\text{trying}}\), even a small amount of information, like the \(\color{Green}{\text{unidentified}}\) \(\color{Green}{\text{quadrilaterals}}\) (cyclic mostly) in \(\color{LimeGreen}{\text{Geometry}}\), or some \(\color{Green}{\text{tricks}}\) in \(\color{LimeGreen}{\text{number}}\) \(\color{LimeGreen}{\text{theory}}\) problems, some \(\color{Green}{\text{useful}}\) \(\color{Green}{\text{substitutions}}\) in \(\color{LimeGreen}{\text{Algebra}}\) and \(\color{LimeGreen}{\text{Calculus}}\), simple things like \(\color{Green}{\text{units}}\) in \(\color{LimeGreen}{\text{Physics}}\) (yeah, that makes a huge difference if you consider wrong units)..... anything !

Everything is useful and small things make \(\color{Blue}{Huge}\) differences ! Don't miss anything when you work on a problem, especially the olympiad type !

Good luck Problem Solving....

Note by Aditya Raut
3 years, 3 months ago

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Good words of a person... Sharky Kesa · 3 years, 3 months ago

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Inspirational Aamir Faisal Ansari · 3 years, 3 months ago

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Exercise: Find what's wrong with this logic. Sreejato Bhattacharya · 3 years, 3 months ago

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@Sreejato Bhattacharya Any number larger than 1 will increase when you raise it to a higher power and numbers \( \leq 1 \) will not,so you could do this with 1.0000000001 and 0.999999999999 :) Tan Li Xuan · 3 years, 3 months ago

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true inspiration...!!!! Vicky Snpti · 3 years, 3 months ago

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Just because it is possible for a small thing to make a huge difference doesn't mean that it is likely. There are far more small things than huge differences for them to make. Angela Richardson · 3 years ago

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Yeah... You put the message very nicely decorated with a mathematical proof. Sanjeet Raria · 3 years ago

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