If I'm 18 why I can't attend the summer camp? I'll go to university next year...

Note by Matteo Staccone
5 years, 5 months ago

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We are very firm on the age restriction and will not be accepting any students over the age of 17. The age restrictions are there to create an intellectual and social atmosphere that will allow close friendships and long term collaborations to form between students. These friendships evolve most naturally among students of similar age and grade. Furthermore, high school students have more to gain from the camp experience than those who will already be heading to college. For high school students, the camp and the completion of their independent project could potentially help them with university admissions. This is not true of people who would be heading immediately into university after the camp. There are fewer opportunities for pursuing independent research, in close collaboration with your peers, open to high school students than university students. As such, it is more important to us to provide opportunities to the high school demographic.

Best of luck in the future:) No matter where you go, a university will expand your horizons both socially and intellectually.

Peter Taylor Staff - 5 years, 5 months ago

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