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Editing problems, replying comments

Hi everyone! Does anyone else have a problem with editing problems or replying comments on the android app? I would like to confirm.

Note by Joel Tan
2 years ago

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Do you mean something like , when you are editing a sentence , you simply CAN'T ! You have to re-type the entire sentence ?

If so , then that fault has already been taken care of . Azhaghu Roopesh M · 2 years ago

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Hi, in the new Brilliant app I cannot do the following: - Reply (sorry, I could not reply to your comment) - Edit a problem (no edit button) - Upvote/downvote - Search does not work - Cannot like/reshare/view number of solvers

It worked fine before the recent update. Joel Tan · 2 years ago

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@Joel Tan You should be able to reply to comments now.

We are in the process of nativizing the problems in the app, and some features were temporarily removed. Calvin Lin Staff · 2 years ago

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@Calvin Lin Thanks! Joel Tan · 2 years ago

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Can you state what the issue you are facing is? Add screenshots where possible. Also, include your app version and phone model. Thanks! Calvin Lin Staff · 2 years ago

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@Calvin Lin Hey! With the new interface I cannot see problem solvers and number of solvers plus there is no button for reshare. I haven't updated the app because of the reviews given by others who are in much worse condition than mine, just one thing I would like to say please SAVE the app. Krishna Sharma · 2 years ago

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