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What place in this world can have their temperatures Fahrenheit and Celsius equal?

Note by Asmita Rastogi
3 years ago

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The temperature that Fahrenheit and Celsius is equal is at \(40^{\circ}\). Here are some of the coldest places on Earth:

  1. Antarctica (-130 degrees Fahrenheit at the minimum)
  2. Verkhoyansk, Russia (-50.4 degrees Fahrenheit on average in January)
  3. Oymyakon, Russia (a record of -90 degrees F in winter)
  4. Yakutsk, Russia (average high is at -34 degrees F, record \(-81.4^{\circ}\))
  5. Hell, Norway (no, seriously!)

Source: 7 of the coldest places in the world to live Michael Diao · 3 years ago

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-40 degree Mosharraf Hossain · 3 years ago

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-40 degree celsius Muhammad Memon · 3 years ago

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