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Ever wondered what \(\pi\) sounds like?

This musician wrote a song to memorize \( \pi\), since it is easier to memorize musical melodies than strings of numbers. If you can hear the melody, you can figure out the numbers.

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Note by Calvin Lin
3 years ago

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That's amazing. My dad teaches Music Theory at William and Mary, and I actually heard him play the piece and he wrote a wind quartet based on pi. :D Finn Hulse · 3 years ago

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I thought I was the only one who played pi on the piano before, I played it in C major and it is very horrible haha... Christopher Boo · 3 years ago

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That song is absolutely amazing! It almost sounds like an infinite curve. Robert Fritz · 3 years ago

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That's thoughtful :) . Sandeep Narayanan · 3 years ago

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Beautiful! Kevin Mo · 3 years ago

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