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I know that for hundreds of years people have wondered if there is some form of superiority or higher power. Just the same as people have wondered if evolution is the correct answer to our questions. I myself believe in evolution but be open minded with what i am about to say. What if we are the superior beings. We believe a god(s) created us but so did our parents, they created us. They may have evolved from a single-cellular organism after the Big Bang but they created us. Cells multiply. They may have changed over millions of years due to enviromental factors such as the Earth changing in temperature, continental drift to aid that, atmospere change may also have aided that and even where the cells are located, such as in different elements on the Earth (Sea, Land, Dessert, snow) may have helped that. Mabey we evolved from a single cell and consider that our God. Or perhaps we do what Native Americans and the Mayans did. Worship the Earth. The land, the sea, the desert, the sky, ect... Worship what may have created us, worship what we have around us and mabey not stories written many years after they were said to take place. However if people want to worship a higher power that is their descision. I myself am atheist, I do not believe of a superior power in that form.
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Note by Joseph Burns
2 years, 1 month ago

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i respect absolutely the power of science and the knowledge of men but everything will lie on the basic questions if we all came from a single cell or whatever may be, who created that single cell? still we believe in the law of conservation of mass that mass can never be created nor destroyed, thus no human on earth can create even a single mass we can only transform it into another form. the concept is who created the very beginning of everything? Ramiel To-ong · 2 years ago

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@Ramiel To-ong That is a very good point. I am not religious and I do not believe something of superior power. However I am still mildly skeptical about what created that cell. We do not know what created the universe. Some believe in a God(s), others (like myself) believe in The Big Bang and some believe that it was something else. I could be wrong Mabey the mass was just there. I do not know. Whatever it may be it will be the solution to whether evolution is indeed correct, whether a God or superior power created the universe and us or mabey something completely different. Joseph Burns · 2 years ago

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