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Exam fever!!!!!!

There is a examination which has two sections each containing 50 questions out of which 20 questions are compulsory in each set or else the paper gets disqualified. In set 1 marking scheme is +4,-2 and for set 2 is +5,-1. A student is able to solve only 17 questions from 100 given. From these 17 how many should be from set 1 to get maximum marks in his exam?

Note by Sarthak Shah
3 years ago

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But if student solves only 17 Q's, paper is disqualified. Since minimum 20 in each section. Is there something wrong in my interpretation?

Lavisha Parab - 3 years ago

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So he will attempt other 33 questions wrong and will get -ve marking

Sarthak Shah - 3 years ago

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Oh right. I'll solve now. Thanks.

Lavisha Parab - 3 years ago

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