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Is it possible to let users generate a pdf of their favourite problems sorted by topic, sub-topic and level? Something like "Add to my favourites" button next to each problem that would let each user compile a custom book of Brilliant Problems that he/she can print once a month or so.

Can you also add a search tool to search for past problems using keywords? As the no. of problems increases, it becomes increasingly difficult to trace a problem that you liked.

Also, is it possible to show us problems from levels above and below our home level, even if we are not allowed to solve them?

Thanks for the excellent problems and a great community around them.

Note by Muralidhar Kamidi
7 years ago

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Hi Muralidhar,

None of the features you describe currently exist, we do however have intentions of making some of them.

  • Organizing your favorite problems and being able to print them all. We will likely do something in the future to allow you to better keep track of your favorite problems

  • Being able to search within your old problems . That is very sensible. we will consider fitting it into our development priorities.

  • Seeing problems from above and below your level The major reason why we currently do not let everybody browse every problem is to reduce the probability that large portions of our problems on any given week could be posted to an external site. Dishonest people who cheat on our problems through other forums are actually extremely rare in proportion to the honest majority. Keeping the levels mysterious from each other insures that at most one person could only compromise one level of each categories worth of problems.

That said, we get that it would be fun and nice to browse problems that are not in your level. We have some easy problems that are nonetheless interesting, and it is natural to want to see a problem that is beyond your frontier. We might consider having "retired" olympiad problems that would never appear in weekly challenges again, but could be browsed.

Thanks for the suggestions

Peter Taylor Staff - 7 years ago

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Thank you Peter.

Just out of curiosity, aren't problems 'retired' at the end of each week?

Thanks again.

Muralidhar Kamidi - 7 years ago

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Nope, some will be reused in future problem sets.

Tim Vermeulen - 7 years ago

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Tim is correct we recycle old problems to new user's who would other wise have missed out on them simply from joining late. Currently, for user's who have been with us a long time, they will occasionally get a problem they have seen before, but we are looking to fix that.

Peter Taylor Staff - 7 years ago

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