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[Feature Request] A drop down button to navigate between different topics

Hello everyone,

I was wondering if we could have a drop down button on the top right corner of the problem section (See attached image: the red box). Instead of the title text if we replace it by a drop down button that allows us to navigate between different topics (for the appropriate weeks challenges), then it would be very convenient.

Regards, Sri K

Note by Sri Kanth
4 years ago

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Sounds like a good convenience for power user Brilliantians like you. We'll add it when we get the chance. Thanks for the suggestion. Silas Hundt Staff · 4 years ago

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Hi Sri,

Thanks for the constructive suggestion! I see what you mean about the convenience. Eliminates an extra page-load/click to get to a different category. We could definitely change that. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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