Feature Requests

I have three main requests:

  1. An improvement to the rating algorithm. Currently just looking at a problem can bring you down about 100 rating points, if you don't try to solve it. This seems extremely excessive and counterproductive. I think it would be best to either add an option where you can view a problem without necessarily being counted as trying to solve it, and thus not losing rating points, or an improved algorithm, which would only subtract rating points for incorrect answers. I have also noticed that solving a very easy problem (level 1, even), can bring you up as much as 70 points, whereas solving a level 5 problem barely brings you up at all. In fact, if the level 5 problem is solved on the third try, it generally ends up lowering your rating. This seems like a very flawed algorithm that should be revised.

  2. An option to hide problems I've already solved. I've seen this request elsewhere as well, so I won't add much more, but this would be a very convenient option to add.

  3. A return of the points/prizes system. I've also seen this request elsewhere. Whenever I solve a problem I'm told that I've received 100 points, but unfortunately this doesn't mean anything :P Adding the points and prizes again would be a nice incentive.

Thanks Brilliant!

Note by Carl Denton
7 years ago

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I think most members will totally want these requests to be considered :)

Mohamed Abdelaaty - 7 years ago

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P.S. The numbers in the algorithm-improvement request are just estimations from what I've observed on my own ratings. Thanks again!

Carl Denton - 7 years ago

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As a response to number 3, they are keeping track of points because the prize system is not entirely gone. It is temporarily hidden until they can get everything running smoothly. So keep racking up those points to get something nice!

Christian Lee - 7 years ago

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