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///////Find The Mistake????????(only for people who love maths)

let a=b therefore,ab=b^2 so we can say,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,ab -a^2= b^2-a^2 after factorization we get,,,,,,,,,,,,a(b-a)=(b-a)(b+a) therefore,,,,,,,,,a=a+b since a=b,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,a=2a therefore 1=2

Note by Brilliant Member
3 years ago

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Well, it's same as cancelling zeroes on both sides, which is not allowed in mathematics!


a(b-a) = (b-a)(b+a)

the above equation is same as:

a(0) = (0)(b+a)

Hence, it will be incorrect to slash off zeroes from both the sides!

Jaiveer Shekhawat - 3 years ago

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well done

Brilliant Member - 3 years ago

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We can't cancel a-b from both sides without writing that a-b=0 can be a solution.

Lavisha Parab - 3 years ago

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