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Finding the rightmost non-zero digit of \(n!\).

Link to the wiki.

Feel free to ask queries and/or give feedbacks in the comments. New problems and examples are welcomed to be added to the wiki.

Note by Tapas Mazumdar
6 months ago

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Woah! This is probably the only article on the internet that teaches us this technique!

A very good read!

Bonus: can you generalize this to "find the last "m" rightmost non-zero digits of n!" ?

Pi Han Goh - 6 months ago

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Seems like a great challenge to me! Let me think about it.

P.S. Thanks for the compliments. :)

Tapas Mazumdar - 6 months ago

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Thanks for creating this wonderful article! I've added your wiki page to the list of Number Theory wiki pages, under Rightmost non zero digit.

Calvin Lin Staff - 5 months ago

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