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General Cubic (n=3) Bookend Prime Polynomial Completely Factored via G-filtered Polycules

\((1)\) The following brilliant.org problem "Prime Cubic Root" is actually the degree 3 bookend prime with narrative \(f(1)=1+d\) which is equivalent to \(c=1-a-b\): https://brilliant.org/problems/prime-cubic-root-2/ \((2)\) The following brilliant.org problem ends with my degree 3 bookend prime with gambling narrative: https://brilliant.org/problems/attention-all-gamblers-your-cubic-awaits/?ref_id=1268620![]

Note by Frank Giordano
1 year ago

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get the latest version of "G-filtered Polycules" here: https://www.facebook.com/groups/factorthis/

Frank Giordano - 11 months, 2 weeks ago

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what if we let the product of primes be represented by the product of prime polynomials ??? Then the expansion of said polynomials may be very interesting toward some insight into primes...

Frank Giordano - 1 year ago

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