Grid and Probability

Consider the first quadrant of a 2D2D Cartesian system as a grid. A recursive function "marks" solely the boxes in the grid (one at a time) that neighbor exactly two other marked ones. Such boxes are referred to as "kink sites". The x and y axes are assumed to be already marked as an initial condition. At each iteration, all kink sites have equal probability of getting marked. So, e.g. starting with the unmarked grid the first and only box that can be marked is the one adjacent to the corner of the grid (box (1,1)(1,1) ). Subsequently, there are two options; either box (1,2) (1,2) above, or box (2,1) (2,1) to the right of the marked corner box, both equally likely to be marked with probability 0.50.5. The following kink sites keep getting marked in the same manner. The attached image (grid not shown) shows all marked boxes after 10,00010,000 computer simulated iterations. Different colors represent any bunch of 1,0001,000 iterations. As the number of marked boxes grows infinitely, if any, what algebraic function is traced by the kink site front?

Note by Tomasz Bukowy
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AIREp shares three domains with the Sp100 family, which are involved in the interaction of DNA-binding proteins and the regulation of transcription. The first is a homogeneously stained region (HSR domain) located between amino acids 1 and 106, which is expressed in all members of the Sp100 family and is thought to play a role in a variety of cellular processes, including growth control, apoptosis, and senescence. The second is the SAND domain located at amino acids 189-280. This domain is involved in chromatin remodeling activity.

Wendy Wilson - 2 months, 2 weeks ago

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