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Happy birthday Mehul!!

The first friend I met after joining slack was Mehul. He is a very patient and humorous boy. I was mesmerized by his problems. Today is his birthday, and I wish all the pleasure he can on this wonderful and special day of his. May he progress in every sphere of life. Mehul is in the favourites of all the members of brilliant. I dedicate this note to him on his birthday which is written from the depth of my heart which is presently filled with joy on his birthday. Hope you like my message Mehul, you are the \(BEST\).

\({\Huge {\color {red}{HAPPY}} {\color {blue}{BIRTHDAY}}{\color {green}{MEHUL}}}\)

Note by Ashish Siva
1 year, 6 months ago

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\({\Huge {\color {white}{HAPPY}} {\color {white}{BIRTHDAY}}{\color {white}{MEHUL}}}\) Harsh Shrivastava · 1 year, 6 months ago

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@Harsh Shrivastava  Nihar Mahajan · 1 year, 6 months ago

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@Harsh Shrivastava \(\huge \color {white}{\text {THANK YOU HARSH!}}\) Mehul Arora · 1 year, 6 months ago

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Thanks so much! @Ashish Siva

Wow this was really great! :D Mehul Arora · 1 year, 6 months ago

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@Mehul Arora I am glad you like it birthday boy Ashish Siva · 1 year, 6 months ago

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 Nihar Mahajan · 1 year, 6 months ago

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Shameless Promotion but

"In the unmanifest [timeless (0)-soul] dimension, the ground of [eco-syntax] Being--that perfect, empty no-place [holder "Zero"] where there is only absolute stillness--you could say that God [Timeless Eternity] is peace.

Before the universe [spacetime] was born, resting in that state of [timeless] perfection and ease, it could not have been more [or less] peaceful, because nothing [potentiating everything spaciated] had yet occurred.

But when [timelessness co-arising into "Time"] God decided to become, to take form [in-form OVER ex-form co-gravitational function] this whole process of [universal through personal] creation and destruction, friction and emergence, was set in[carnationally] motion [ionic and ergodic and thermodynamic eco-balancing toward spaciating, then speciating, then individual egoing, then global ecoing struggling with our co-arising Win-Win co-creation].

That is what you are, that is what I am, and that is also the nature of [bicameral Polynomial Time Left dominant over recessive NotPolynomial timeless informing] God, in the manifest realm [Special Case, physical-ecosystemic Exterior Landscape as languaged by egosystemic languaged metaphysical mindbody Interior Landscape, co-arising as co-gravitating].

What does this new understanding of God have to do with love [synergy of life-systems]? This is an important question, because the common [Business As Usual Left-brain dominant] idea is that love [Left] is God [Right], and God [Left] is [pulsating diastatic-pos OVER diastolic-neg] love [Right].

...to many of us, spiritual [natural] love [synergy] means compassion, forgiveness, [co-redemption as co-gravitation] and unconditional [bicameral] acceptance.

That is one kind of love. But that kind of love is the expression of God [Yang, in balancing precessive stage, toward Win-Win diastasis] as Being--the reflection of the mystical revelation that everything is already [potentially and coincidentally, coexperientially] perfect.

What happens to love when God becomes the [r]evolutionary impulse,, or ["struggling with"] Eros?

That's the emergence of a very different form of love [synergetic precessive dynamic]--the expression of God as [Yang optimized Continuous Quality Improvement, Positive Evolutionary Psychology] Becoming.

In an evolutionary worldview, God's [therapeutic messianic] purpose is perpetual development [of health and beauty, goodness and truth], or vertical [ly therapeutic] ascent.

So in this context, the expression of the greatest love is an insistence on higher [eco] development.

It is not the kind of love that's going to accept you as you [ego-centrically Left-brain too-dominantly] are.

It's a kind of love that always wants more [co-investment value in health], and is therefore always challenging to the [overly competitive] status quo of the personal ego and the [eco]culturally [de]conditioned self.

No matter how far you have come, there will always be farther to go [into (0)-interest economic and politically regenerative system incarnation].

This love [synergetic integrity of ecosystemic memory] is infused with [r]evolutionary tension, and it generates [co]-creative [fractal] friction.

The idea of God as [co-diastatic experience and memory of octave truth as beauty] peace and Love [of beauty and health] as [synergetic] compassion is an ancient ideal, one that took root in the human [bicameral] heart and mind long before the [comprehensively polyparadigmatic] knowledge of [Taoist-TippingPoint-Balance as Revolution] evolution emerged.

While it remains as powerful and as relevant ever, [sic] this idea of [Time as spaciated, then speciated, universal positive ubiquitous energy] God is only half of the picture. Now we understand the nature of [Time] God to be both [yinyin (-,-] Being and [Yang+Polynomial] Becoming, [co-arising ZenZero] emptiness and [co-gravitational of mythic romantic resonance] Eros.

And discovering what God [Eco-Spaciated Time] as Eros actually looks like and feels like within [Interior eco-messianic Landscaped Bicameral] us and between [bicameral] us is new territory.

When you embrace this [r]evolutionary interpretation of who and what [and why] God is [stimulating dialectical bicameral eco-balance], then you realize that yes, God is love [synergetic integrity of ecosystemic Win-Win memory] but love is a dynamic and dramatic will toward higher [Earth-centric co-] emergence.

It is [EarthyHuman natural-organic dialectic-systemic] God trying to evolve, through you and through me, and most importantly, through us. "

["us" = all Earth's RNA/DNA health v. pathology struggling toward positive optimization of regenerative eco-systems within cooperative universally synergetic TransParent timeless fractal-networking RealTime Win-Win Group (0)-Soul Geometrics of MindBodies as Time (-,-)1 = Space +/(-,-)0-Cubed, bicamerally reversed as +1/(-,-)0 Ego/Eco Deduct/Induct as Inhale/Exhale reverse of time's seasonal unfolding, pregenitors predicting their progenitor dipolar appositionals.]"

This is what I would like to say to you but I can't. SO, HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Sharky Kesa · 1 year, 6 months ago

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@Sharky Kesa You really want us to read it ? :-P Akshat Sharda · 1 year, 6 months ago

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@Akshat Sharda Yes. Sharky Kesa · 1 year, 6 months ago

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@Sharky Kesa  Nihar Mahajan · 1 year, 6 months ago

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@Sharky Kesa We all love you Mehul. Ashish Siva · 1 year, 6 months ago

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