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Happy New Year!

Thank you Brilliant, for a fabulous year.

Ever since I joined Brilliant.org in February 2013, it has been a great experience. I met a lot of other nice people who share the same common interest of math. It all seemed like fun and games, but I realized that I actually learned a lot from this site. My problem solving skills clearly increased. For that I am already thankful.

Now, with the new update, I have been more active than ever. Not only can I solve as many problems as I'd like, I can submit my own problems at will, and hopefully get them reshared by Best of __ to show them to the rest of the world. Recently, I joined #CosinesGroup, because it seemed like a pretty cool thing to do. Now I am thoroughly enjoying it, not only because I gain followers, but the feeling of sharing your ideas with other people out there is overwhelmingly awesome. I recommend anyone who also loves to help people to join #CosinesGroup.

Thank you Brilliant Staff for enduring through the many hardships of running this site. It has improved a lot since I first joined, and I still believe that there is more to improve, but I do think that you are heading the right way.

Happy New Year,


To end this, here is a cute little mathematical joke I found on social media:

\[w -\ln{|ap^2H+e^{ar}|}=\ln{|y|}-\ln{|N|}\]


\[w=\ln{|(ap^2H+e^{ar})\cdot\dfrac{y}{N}| }\]

\[e^w=(ap^2H+e^{ar})\cdot \dfrac{y}{N}\]

\[e^w\cdot N=(ap^2H+e^{ar})\cdot y\]

\[e^w\cdot N=ap^2Hy+e^{ar}y\]



Note by Daniel Liu
3 years ago

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Happy new year! Kevin Mo · 3 years ago

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:)) I saw this expression on PhysicToday Nguyen Thien Vy · 3 years ago

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haha ..cool ! Henokh Ok · 3 years ago

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Thats really cool. :)

A happy new year to you too. Nahom Yemane · 3 years ago

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What is this the expression for,if real? Bharat Raghunathan · 3 years ago

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wow ... this is really amazing mathematical expression >> and its true ♥ Häßißtý Zäý El Ämär · 3 years ago

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wow!!! its interesting!!! happy new year to all!!!!! Unnati Bindal · 3 years ago

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This is awesome, well done :) Ivan Sekovanić · 3 years ago

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why u are saying its a joke? Hossam Kommy · 3 years ago

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@Hossam Kommy Because it isn't a purposeful mathematical expression, it exists for laughs. Daniel Liu · 3 years ago

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@Hossam Kommy is it a real mathematical expression then??? Raja Metronetizen · 3 years ago

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@Raja Metronetizen Yes, I think it is. Ying Xuan Eng · 3 years ago

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