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can anyone please tell me how and where can i get these kind of problems which are not weekly problems but posted to solve like the problem linked below. https://brilliant.org/mathematics-problem/greedy-calvinosaurus-dinosaur/?group=oulUEVvkMXdm

Note by Ankan Ghosh
4 years ago

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You can always look at other people's profiles for more problems.

For example if you see my profile here, you'll be able to view the problems I have solved over the weeks. Click on the problems if you want to solve them.

Hope this helps!

Mursalin Habib - 4 years ago

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can anyone tell me where to get previous week's problems.

Kinjal Saxena - 4 years ago

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Hi Kinjal,

You can see all problems you viewed in previous weeks, by clicking on the "past solutions tab" on the main page. From there you can just scroll to old problems. If you would like quick access to problems you have solved, then you can use the activity feed in your profile.

Peter Taylor Staff - 4 years ago

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f(x)- 2f(x/2)+f(x/4)=x^2 f(3)=?

Anuj Taley - 4 years ago

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