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Help Me by Posting Solution on My Problem (Limit of composition function)

Hello everyone, I wrote this problem and it had overwhelmingly negative replies in my solution among with 8 resolved reports. Even though that reports are resolved and my answer remains unchanged, it is somehow not enough to convince them. I had to delete my solution to remove the bandwagon effect. Personally I think this problem is wonderful yet it saddens me that many people would disagree with the answer and move on without learn anything. I tried my best to explain the solution, but I am such terrible at explaining.

So now my problem has no solution, even though it has 3,418 solvers (15%) at the time of writing...

So, I would greatly appreciate it if you come and check my problem, and post solution if you can solve it. The more solutions, the better.


Note by Micah Wood
3 months ago

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@Andrew Ellinor has already posted a pretty good solution in the reports. He could just copy it to the solutions section. Deeparaj Bhat · 3 months ago

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Micah, you had a good solution that I think should be left there. Do you mind if I undelete it?

It is not surprising to me that the problem has reports, because it is a very common misconception that people make when first dealing with "two sided limits". Calvin Lin Staff · 3 months ago

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@Calvin Lin If that's what you think is best for my problem, then sure you can undelete it.

I am greatly appreciated you posted solution! Micah Wood · 3 months ago

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