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Help please

Hi! I am Aakash . I have been posting many problems on Brilliant but unfortunately they are not rated, which reduces their their popularity. I know many who post problems but are not rated. Please give suggestions to how to put light on this topic so that \(\staff\) members could see.

Note by Aakash Khandelwal
9 months ago

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@Calvin Lin Sir how can I amend the answer of the question after I've posted a question Aakash Khandelwal · 8 months, 1 week ago

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The way a problem gets rated is as follows:
1. The problem creator or moderator gives it an initial seed level. We state that it is "Level pending (100 points)".
2. The community works on the problem.
3. After enough people have worked on it and we have become more confident that the rating is accurate, we will release the level of the problem.

As a problem writer, you can help your problems get ratings by:
1. Providing a seed level when you initially create the problem
2. Make the problem interesting for others to engage with. Calvin Lin Staff · 9 months ago

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@Calvin Lin Thank you sir. I will try and follow as you suggested. Aakash Khandelwal · 8 months, 4 weeks ago

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@Aakash Khandelwal But sir , what about the problems posted months before and not rated yet Aakash Khandelwal · 8 months, 4 weeks ago

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@Aakash Khandelwal For problems that become popular, we will give it an initial seed level. There are some exceptions like trollish problems, or (for now) problems in biology. Moderators / staff do not add seed levels to every single problem that was written.

These problems will still appear unrated until a sufficient number of people have then worked on it.

If you posted problems from months ago and there are no seed levels given, this indicates that the problem wasn't interesting to the community.

Looking at your problems, I see that most of them have < 15 solvers. I recommend that you improve the presentation of the problem to make it interesting to the community. See here for suggestions. Calvin Lin Staff · 8 months, 4 weeks ago

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@Calvin Lin But Sir according to me a problem is to be rated according to the level of thinking needed to solve it , and not the presentation.

But according to your suggestion I've used latex. I didn't knew \(latex\) then but that does not mean that I'll not get solution of problems of which I know the answers. I think this was the basic cause behind posting problems and joining Brilliant.

But now I know latex, so I'll try to make my problems more good looking.

Seeking your further advice. Aakash Khandelwal · 8 months, 1 week ago

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