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I'm apparently Netta's "annoying sister," Noa. She is just saying that 'cause she's jealous. My favorite topic is logic and my favorite question is this: In front of you are 3 chests:

Chest A has been labelled with "100 gold coins," Chest B has been labelled with "50 gold and 50 silver coins," and Chest C has been labelled with "100 silver coins."

You are told that all of the labels are incorrectly placed, as they describe the contents of another one of the chests. To help you determine which is the chest that contains 100 gold coins, you are allowed to pick a random coin from a chest of your choice.

Which chest should you pick a coin from? I am nine and I love reading, logic, horses, cats, monkeys, and art.

Note by Noa Dobzinski
5 months, 2 weeks ago

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Oh, yeah. Totally. I am soooooo jealous of you. Sarcastic Netta Dobzinski · 2 months ago

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@Netta Dobzinski That's exactly what a jealous sister would say :) Netta Dobzinski · 2 months ago

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