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Have to pay to use a site like this?? pffft, okay and i was dumb enough to allow it a((ess to my fa(ebook... well that was not wise.

Note by Anthony Niederklopfer
3 years ago

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Hi Anthony, just so you know you can retract your facebook permissions in a few ways if you want.

  1. Disconnect your facebook account from your Brilliant account in our account settings section

  2. Manage your permissions in the "your apps" section of your facebook profile.

Also, you don't have to pay us to use Brilliant, there is an almost infinite supply of free problems to solve and and a steady stream of new problems posed by other people on the site. It is really hard to run out of things to do for free on Brilliant, though many people get tremendous value and satisfaction from the enhanced experience of an upgraded account.

Peter Taylor Staff - 3 years ago

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