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How to contact staff???

I a having a problem logging in to brilliant through my computer. It says wrong email ID and password although when i use the same to log in through mobile, it accepts it. I've changed my password like 20-30 times, yet it says that its wrong.

But i dont have any staff as my followers. So how do i get my query answered?

Note by Chinmay Raut
3 years, 3 months ago

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Why don't you just look it up here? On the help page this is written: 'Please direct all general questions about Brilliant and questions about your user account to support@brilliant.org.'. Mathh Mathh · 3 years, 2 months ago

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@Mathh Mathh I'm also confused how you navigate to this help page you speak of. I clicked the link you have, but I don't think there is a link from the home page to get to the page you have hyperlinked. If you could give a click by click map to the help page I think that would be helpful. Or even a contact us link at the bottom of all the pages next to the "Terms Privacy Brilliant 2015" links at the bottom right. Lance Snodgrass · 2 years ago

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