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How to do matrices in maths?

Recently i've been doing ICT for my second year of the course but now its different as I am now doing maths practitioners and need help on knowing the basic questions for adding, multiplying and subtracting matrices so that i can than get the hang of it and wont be any hassle anymore.

I was wondoring if someone could help me out step by step with a simple explanation or diagram on how you can solve the questions below which would really be appreciated.

Adding 23 and 69

Subtracting 53 from 126

Multiplying 85 * 23

(Also optional but would help me out greatly if someone showed these workings)

  • Convert the decimal numbers into binary
  • Perform the calculations in binary
  • Convert the back into decimal to check your answers, ensuring that the binary and decimal values have no discrepancy.

Note by Jimbo Jones
2 years ago

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