How to get high school students to do math

I came across this post on 9GAG recently. Was amused initially, then became sad.

My brother teaches high school math. This is how he gets his students to pay attention

Note by Calvin Lin
7 years ago

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Pi Han Goh - 7 years ago

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Germans know how to have von

Akiva Weinberger - 6 years ago

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Posts like these really makes me sad.....Marie Curie used to say "If you want to lead a happy life attach it to goals instead of people"...But sadly most people these days after the popularization of the social media do the reverse.....But on the brighter side educational websites like Brilliant are inspiring the young generation to travel in the right path and surely one day most people will be doing the right thing by helping others and also by pushing the frontiers of human knowledge instead of wasting time on people who are famous for being famous.......

Eddie The Head - 7 years ago

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In 2 mins K's fan following increased by 28

in 2 mins J's following increased by 21

so 7 gap of 7 followers is filled in 2 mins

at 9 AM gap to fill of 1835484 followers

so gap will be filled in 262212 minutes

I am not so good at calculus but I think this will work

Sanket Samant - 7 years ago

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No calculus required - only slopes and lines

Star Light - 7 years ago

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I don't like people who always ask how math is used in real life. I will present this.

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It will be 524433.1 minutes after 9am

Sidniy Sack - 7 years ago

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I might be impressed when typical teenagers actually use math to solve this. They would start seeing that math is not just doing what teachers say, but knowing what they're doing.

Samuraiwarm Tsunayoshi - 6 years, 10 months ago

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Ramanathan K - 6 years, 6 months ago

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Why sad?

David Lee - 7 years ago

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Ha, so true!

Robert Fritz - 7 years ago

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Nguyen Thien Vy - 7 years ago

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For simplicity, call 'em J and K. in 2 minutes, J got 21 followers, K got 28 followers. So, K gains 7 followers per minute. Initially, J had 15921292-14085811 more followers ie, 1835381... So, in 1 min, K gains 7/2 followers than J, so in 1835381/7*2/60/24days both will be equal. Almost 364 days,ie an year!!

Radha Krishnan B - 6 years, 11 months ago

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364 days should be the answer. Think of it this way- Justin has - • 15921292 followers currently • 10.5 followers every minute

Kim has- • 14085811 followers currently • 14 followers every minute

Thus the equation- 15921292 + (10.5 × K) = 14085811 + (14 × K)

Where K = number of minutes until equal (constant for both)

Thus K = 524423 minutes = 364 days (almost 1 year)

Kim Kardashian will need approx. 364 days to be able to match up to Justin Bieber's follower count. This is so sad.

Advait Saravade - 6 years, 10 months ago

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524423.14 mins :)

Matthew Magalong - 6 years, 9 months ago

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524423.142 min

Shashank Pulagam - 7 years ago

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10 months 25 days 17 hours 40 minutes

Zouhair GR - 6 years, 11 months ago

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