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How to score more than 4120 points?

If I solve all level 5 problems in a week, it earns me 4120 points. I long thought this was the maximum possible one could earn within a week time. But apparently this is untrue, though I don't know how it's possible. The following person https://brilliant.org/profile/aisyah-sqvk0p/ managed to add a staggering 27185 lifetime points within the last week! Anyone that could give me an insight to how this is done? Are there secret problemsets I do not know of?

Note by Michael May
4 years ago

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Strictly speaking, under normal circumstances you cannot earn more than 4120 points in a week. When we made our problems "public" and accessible to all levels a few weeks ago there was a brief window where you could earn points for problems outside your level. A few people industriously hunted down and solved every Brilliant problem of any level for a week or two and racked up points very quickly, in response to this we made points only available for problems that you receive in the weekly sets. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years ago

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The only ways to earn points (that I know of) is to solve a weekly challenge problem, or submit your own problem and have it be published. Practice problems do not give you points. Also, how are you able to tell how someone earned so many points in a given amount of time. Profiles show lifetime points and past problems solved. It does not show points atributed to problems or points awared over a certain time. And if there are secret problem sets, they are quite secret. Christian Lee · 4 years ago

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@Christian Lee Christian, it just caught my eyes a while ago that this person only joined in july and yet had more than 80000 lifetime points, which seemed impossible to me. So on sunday august 18th i wrote down she had 86140 lifetime points, on sunday august 25th she had 113325 liftime points. Now let's see how she does this week ;-) Michael May · 4 years ago

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@Michael May Are you sure?That would mean something like 27000 points per week..I don't think that's possible.maybe she earned extra points from an ongoing competition. Thaddeus Abiy · 4 years ago

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@Thaddeus Abiy yes, it's impossible. Insan Budiman Mahdar · 4 years ago

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