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I Miss the Old Brilliant App for Android

I remember when in 2015 I was searching for best Android App for math nerds, after googling a lot I finally found Brilliant. At first I thought it is also another boring app having some basic tutorials about problem solving. With a very little hope of finding something new, I installed the app and found the amazing Brilliant Community. I saw a lot of little aged guys here solving advanced math problems. Brilliant taught me how to work hard. The company of the guys here transformed me from a math hater to a guys who breaths for mathematics. Because I did not own a computer, only way for me to access Brilliant was Brilliant Android App. I used to share a lot of problems with the community. But problem started when the developers decided to update the app. Although I liked the new look and smoothness of app but I could no longer share problems with the community.

In India most of the guys (specially students like me) don't owns any computer. So, we depends a lot on mobile phones. In order to share problems with the community we have to borrow someone else's laptop, or go for an Internet Cafe. I know you guys are working very hard to make the app better but I just want to ask - When will this feature arrive on Android App?

Note by Aman Sharma
1 year, 7 months ago

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