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Recently a tamil movies called' I' was released which was based on I virus. Definition of I Virus: A type of Influenza virus h4N2 is called as I virus, a novel virus invented or man made virus. This type influenza virus is rarely seen infect human being. It is mostly observed to affect the birds and animals. It is labelled as 2 strands of hemagglutinin (H) and 4 strands of neuraminidase (N). H antigens vary from H1 to H18 and N antigens varies from N1 to N11, totally these 18 H and 11 N various combinations give rise to different influenza virus based on chemical charteristics. Symptoms of I Virus

The I virus Only effect Physically but not mentally. This virus will damage all the physical body cell including tissues the symptoms of this virus are bend in spinal cord, Hair Fall, Blisters through out the skin, weight loss, Getting older faster than the normal person. Learn more about it in http://www.howtogags.com/news/virus-h4n2-influenza-ai-movie/

Note by Vishwathiga Jayasankar
2 years, 9 months ago

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