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I want to deactivate my account and start over

I wish to deactivate my account. I messed up on this account because it made this when I wasn't as good at math, but now I have improved a lot. However, I do not really have the time to bring my low level to where it would belong now. May I deactivate this account and make another one to "try again" if this is allowed? Also, my sister is made a Brilliant account. Is it okay if I deactivate this account and work on the Brilliant questions with her? I wish to only do this if this is allowed of course.

Note by Sung Hyun Yoo
4 years, 4 months ago

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Hi Sung,

We do not deactivate accounts to give people another try on the Diagnostic quizzes. Each level on Brilliant encompasses a broad swath of difficulty and there even is a fair amount of overlap between adjacent levels. The diagnostic quizzes do not do a perfect job of placing people in the right level. For this reason it is common for people to level up and level down quickly to where they belong after the DQ. It is best to think of your initial level as contingent on how you continue to perform week after week. Part of proving that you belong in a level is putting in the time to get there.

Can you collaborate with your sister? Of course we have no way of knowing whether you work on the problems with your sister. The ethos we advocate is that when solving problems on Brilliant, only use thinking that is your own to arrive at an answer. So please do not simply enter in answers that your sister found. Do not post the question to other websites. In the spirit of doing Brilliant we advocate that you each work alone to exhaust all three tries. After you have gotten it right or exhausted all 3 tries, we highly encourage the two of you to continue working on the problem together. We think that a combination of going as far as you can alone, before seeking collaboration and help is the best way to push your own potential and learn the most from a problem. Peter Taylor Staff · 4 years, 4 months ago

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how can i desactivate my account Sedki Amor · 1 year, 11 months ago

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